HRK audit “Internationalisation of Universities”

In order to complement our internationalization process with external expertise and to give it additional impetus, the University of Tübingen took part in the "Audit Internationalisation" by the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) in 2012-13 and in the follow-up "Re-Audit Internationalisation" (2014-2017).

In December 2018, Prof. Dr. Monique Scheer, Vice-President for International Affairs, received the certificate for succesfully completing the Re-Audit from Prof. Dr. Peter-René Alt, President of the German Rectors' Conference, during a ceremony in Berlin.


Primary goals of Re-Audit

The Re-Audit implementation plan focused on three primary goals

  • Expansion of and support for international research cooperation at university and faculty levels
  • Internationalization of study and teaching and expansion of international study programs
  • Expansion of supporting services and improvement of internationalization management network

Re-Audit Fields of Action and Measures

Bewteen 2014 and 2017, measures were implemented under 15 objectives in the four fields of action:

1. Strategic Orientation, Planning and Control

  1. Developing and documenting a joint internationalization strategy
  2. Improving internationalization management (structures and processes)
  3. Improving international visibility and communication
  4. Developing international partnerships in research and teaching
  5. Improving the housing situation for short-term stays

2. Studies and Teaching - Promotion of the Internationalization of Studies

  1. Identifying goals, possible forms and instruments of internationalization of studies and teaching
  2. Expansion of international study programs
  3. Increasing international visibility of study opportunities
  4. Expansion of international short-term programs and summer schools

3. Research and Research Cooperation

  1. Internationalization of scientific staff / Increasing the number of international scientists and researchers
  2. Increasing the international visibility of Tübingen as a research location

4. Services, Advising and Support

  1. Improving services and advising for international students
  2. Expansion of Welcome Center services
  3. Further differentiation and expansion of German course offerings
  4. Expansion of services to promote language and intercultural competences for teachers, academic advisers and administrative staff