Resources for the Use of English in University Routines

Increasingly, the use of English in everyday routines around the university has become standard practice. But often, even a good general knowledge of English won’t be sufficient where highly technical language and idiomatic expressions are concerned.

In our recommendations we point out useful resources available for working in English around the university for non-native speakers of English – which can also be useful for English native speakers looking for translations of German terminology.

Resources Specific to the University of Tübingen

Resources for Working in English at the University of Tübingen are provided by the Public Relations Department.

iDA Training Materials

The „Internationale DAAD Akademie“ (iDA) has produced an invaluable set of materials and exercises specifically for staff at universities, including a very useful glossary of university terminology.

The iDA Lehrbuch: Englisch für Angestellte der Hochschulverwaltung can be downloaded from their Webpage.

German-English / English-German Dictionary

The most comprehensive English-German / German-English dictionary specifically for working at the univerisity is

Dirk Siepmann, Wörterbuch Hochschule: Forschung, Lehre und Management, 3rd ed., Bonn: Deutscher Hochschulverband, 2016.

It is published by the Deutscher Hochschulverband and can be ordered directly from them

Sample translations and translation services

Sample translations of many standard texts are available from several sources:

  1. The Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK, German Rector’s Conference) offers a very useful collection of translated documents contributed by several German universities, specifically related to the field of Academic Affairs (international degree students, international Ph.D. students): Translated documents
  2. The University of Mannheim hosts a server containing sample translations. They also offer a central translation service which is available free of charge to members of the Baden-Württemberg universities (registration required): University of Mannheim Translation Service