CIVIS offers for researchers

Within the framework of CIVIS, research collaborations are to be set up between researchers from Tübingen and researchers at the 10 partner universities.

Current activities and news

  • The University of Stockholm invites all PhD-students within the alliance to participate in the courses offered by the Doctoral School in the Humanities.  All courses are offered free of charge, and they are open to all who are admitted to studies on PhD-level, regardless of faculty or university. Applications are received by 15 June 2023. For more information, please see LINK
  • The University of Bucharest is organising an International Conference on " Sharing Knowledge in the Middle Ages" - from  10-11 November 2023, submission deadline 5th of October 2023.For more information, see here: LINK


CIVIS hubs are cross and interdisciplinary thematic research and education areas, which structure our alliance. Their goal is to create innovative study and research programmes focus on global societal challenges.

Representatives of the University of Tübingen in the five Hub Councils und contact person in Tübingen are the following academics:

  • Hub 1 Climate, Environment and Energy:  Prof. Zarfl und Prof. Drews
  • Hub 2 Society, Cuture, Heritage: Prof. Kimmich (Co-Chair des Hub Councils) und Prof Thiemeyer
  • Hub 3 Health: Prof. Hirt und Prof. Zipfel
  • Hub 4 Cities, Territories and Mobilities: Prof. Kühne
  • Hub 5 Digital and Technological Transformation: Prof. Ammich Quinn und Prof. Finck

Applying for EU funds

All CIVIS events at a glance

Get a quick overview and browse the upcoming courses and events by all CIVIS partners for various target groups on https://civis.eu/en/events.