On this website you will find information concerning accommodations for visiting scholars and scientists as well as for international doctoral candidates (PhD students) at Tuebingen University.

University guest houses and residences

We want you to settle in well, so Tuebingen University administrates 42 one- to three room apartments in Heuberger-Tor Weg for the first months and also 25 rooms in University owned guest houses. As well private landlords like to provide accommodations for international researchers.

The following accommodation possibilities are provided:

Residence Hall in Heuberger-Tor-Weg

Guesthouse in Lessingweg 1

Guesthouse in Lessingweg 3


Would you like to live in one of our guest houses during your stay at the University of Tuebingen or accommodate an international colleague there? Then you should contact us well in advance (approx. 6 months before your arrival in Tübingen) so that we can check your reservation request early enough. Inquiries for short-term stays can be sent to us by email. Please do not forget to specify the exact period of your stay and the number of people accompanying you to Tuebingen.

In case of longer stays (2 weeks or more), please first send us the filled in registration form. If you will be coming here with family members, please also fill in our family registration form

Due to a great demand for housing we often can only provide accommodation temporarily.

If all apartments/rooms in our residence halls are already fully booked, we can provide addresses of private accommodations. However, these accommodations cannot be rented from us but the landlords have to be contacted by you directly.

We will do our best to answer your inquiries within 48 hours. However, we ask for your understanding for longer processing times in case of a great demand.

Accommodations for doctoral candidates

As an international doctoral candidate, you may apply for accommodation in the university’s guest rooms or apartments for visiting researchers. If you also enroll as a student of the University of Tuebingen (the additional process called “Immatrikulation”), you have the additional option of applying for a room in the student dormitory Heuberger-Tor-Weg 15, which is administered by the Studierendenwerk Tuebingen-Hohenheim, the Student Services of the Universities of Tuebingen and Hohenheim.


  • You must be enrolled as a student of the University of Tuebingen (Immatrikulation), not simply accepted as a doctoral candidate.
  • You have filled out the Welcome Center registration form and sent it back to us.

How to apply

If you fulfil the prerequisites listed above, you can apply for a dormitory room using the online application for of the Studierendenwerk Tuebingen-Hohenheim. This application may be submitted at any time and is not dependent on the university terms.

You will be considered for a room only if:

  • a room is available for the requested time
  • you have submitted your online application and
  • the Welcome Center Accommodations Service has notified Student Services that you are a registered guest.

Assuming that a room is available, the Studierendenwerk will sent you the necessary contract papers along with all the necessary information and documents to rent the room.

Because the demand for dormitory room far exceeds the number of rooms available, they can only be rented for up to six months. This allows you time to settle in, gain your bearings and actively look for a permanent room. If the room has not been requested by another candidate and you inquire at least two months before your rent contract runs out, your contract can be extended to a maximum of twelve months in total. After twelve months in the dormitory, you must move out. No exceptions can be made.

Tübingen Research Campus

General information on this topic are jointly provided by the Welcome Centers of the University of Tuebingen, its Faculty of Medicine and the Max Planck Institutes on the pages “Accomodations” of Tuebingen Research Campus.

The Welcome Center continues to support you personally before and during your stay at the University of Tuebingen or the University Hospital.