Learning German and intercultural workshops at the University

As an international researcher, Tuebingen University offers you various options to learn German as well as to improve your intercultural skills and get to know German culture.

German language courses at Tuebingen University

The department „German as a foreign language" (ADaF) offers courses that are specially designed for international PhD students and guest scientists where no prior knowledge is necessary. They take place in the early morning or in the evening so that you can attend besides your research work.

Of course you are also welcome to register for other classes such as grammar, conversation, academic writing, German literature or German cultural studies.

Please keep in mind that these special classes for PhD students and guest scientists usually are booked very soon – if you are interested in taking part, it's best register as soon as possible. This means for the summer semester February 1 and for the winter semester September 1.

Further information:

Language Partner

Do you want to practice what you learned privately and in a stress free surrounding? If you are interested in finding a conversation partner in order to improve your German, the Tandem program will help you find a language partner ("Tandem"). Your language partner will generally be a native speaker of German wishing to learn your mother tongue.

The department also offers intercultural trainings (for example "How do Germans tick?", "Intercultural competence").

German for international physicians

The Akademie für Bildung und Personalentwicklung (academy for continued education and HR development, ABiP) of the University Hospital Tuebingen cooperates with the private language school Vivat Lingua! to offer German courses preparing physicians for the German language tests for medical licensing. These are offered at irregular intervals and can also be booked directly from Vivat Lingua! – as can other German courses for professional groups such as nurses, lawyers and theologians. Inquiries are always welcome, because classes always depend on sufficient participant numbers.

In Baden-Wuerttemberg, the bureau responsible for temporary and regular medical licensing of persons who studied medicine outside of Germany is the Regierungspraesidium Stuttgart. On the website of the Regierungspraesidium you can find further information about the application procedure and language prerequisites. A link is provided below.

Further information: 
Website of the Regierungspraesidium Stuttgart, "Medizinstudium im Ausland" (in German only)
Website of the Akademie für Bildung und Personalentwicklung (ABiP) (in German) 
Online catalog of the ABiP (in German) 
German courses at the private language school Vivat Lingua!

Intercultural workshops offered by the Welcome Center

A service of the Welcome Center are special intercultural workshops for international reserachers at Tuebingen University.

Discover the DO's & DON'Ts of university work culture in Germany

  1. “Denke ich an Deutschland”: Culture or Your favorites and headache makers
  2. “Mein Name ist Frau Professor Dr. Dr. Dr. h. c. Märkel!!!”: Etiquette in Academia or Is your Professor a human, too?
  3. “Et gschimpft isch globt gnug”: Receiving and giving feedback in the lab and elsewhere
  4. “Arbeit ist Arbeit und Schnaps ist Schnaps”: Don't panic? Or Meeting your Boss and co-workers outside of work
  5. “Ask Yvonne”: Anything you always wanted to know from a German native but didn't dare to ask your peers

If you are registered with the Welcome Center you will receive invitations to these workshops via email. The workshops are offered several times a year, so don't worry if you can't make it on a certain date!

Intercultural consultation hours

The Interkulturelle Sprechstunde (intercultural consultation hour) taking place on Mondays, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., in Wilhelmstraße 22, room 306, offers advice if you wonder how your German colleagues, landlords, friends ... behave. Just come by!

Tübingen Research Campus

General information on this topic are jointly provided by the Welcome Centers of the University of Tübingen, its Faculty of Medicine and the Max Planck Institutes on the page “Learning German” of Tübingen Research Campus.

The Welcome Center continues to support you personally before and during your stay at the University of Tübingen or the University Hospital.