As a researcher at the University of Tuebingen and the University Hospital, you might be entitled to discounted bus tickets for staff or students.

Discounted annual ticket for university staff (excl. Faculty of Medicine)

Employees of the University of Tuebingen can purchase an annual bus ticket from the naldo ticket Center, the JobTicket BW, which has a discount from naldo and a further subsidy from the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. If you live in Tuebingen, you can get a ticket that is valid within the municipal area of Tuebingen (Tuebingen, Bebenhausen, Bühl, Derendingen, Hagelloch, Hirschau, Kilchberg, Lustnau, Pfrondorf, Unterjesingen, Weilheim). With this ticket you can also travel by train within this area. If you live outside Tuebingen, you can get a JobTicket covering your way from home to work for a higher price.

You can find more information under https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/information-for/staff/jobticket-bw/.

The JobTicket BW is an annual ticket that has to be purchased for a minimum period of 12 months. Applications need to be made until the 15th of the month before the month you would like your ticket to start (e.g. until March 15 for a ticket valid from April).

You have two options when purchasing an annual ticket for the Tuebingen city bus: a personal ticket that can only be used by you (monthly cost after discount and subsidy for Tuebingen city area: 13,34 € / 2020), or the slightly more expensive transferable ticket that can be shared (monthly cost: 17,39 € / 2020). Here is an explanation of the differences in service:

The personal year ticket

This ticket can only be used by you alone and bears your photograph as identification. Because it is personalized, it can be replaced for a small fee if it is lost. If you forget your card and run into a ticket inspection on the bus, the fine is reduced to 7 € (2017) if you present your card at the Tuebingen public transportation office within 7 days. In addition, you can take advantage of reduced rates with cooperation partners like teilAuto car sharing and nextbike bike rentals.

The transferable year ticket

This ticket can be used by you and by anyone else who has it with them, including friends and family. Because it does not include personal identification, there is no refund if it is lost, and if you do not have it with you when there is a ticket inspection, you must pay a fine of around 40 € (2017). As with the personal year ticket, you are eligible for reduced rates with teilAuto and nextbike. Unlike the personal year ticket, the transferable year ticket allows you to take up to four additional persons along at no extra charge any time after 7 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. On routes with bicycle transport, a bicycle may take the place of one person.

The forms to apply for the JobTicket BW can be found on the homepage of the LBV (German only).

An English version of the form (informational purposes only!) as well as an English guide to filling in the form are available for download:

transit subsidy form

instructions on how to fill in the subsidy form

Job tickets for employees of the Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital (UKT) and CIN

Employees of the Faculty of Medicine, CIN and University Hospital (UKT) with

are eligible for a UKT job ticket for public transportation or a transportation allowance for commutes between their residence and their workplace. Unpaid interns, visiting scientists, visiting physicians and student assistant are not eligible.

There are several options for job tickets: personalized or transferrable month passes for Tuebingen public transportation (including the suburbs Bebenhausen, Bühl, Derendingen, Hagelloch, Hirschau, Lustnau, Pfrondorf, Unterjesingen and Weilhelm) or for one or more sections in the naldo local public transportation network (this would apply to you if you live outside of Tuebingen, for instance in Reutlingen). Job tickets outside of the naldo region as well as family tickets must be purchased and paid for by the employee, but you may apply for a certain reimbursement.

Applications for job tickets must be submitted at least three weeks before the begining of the month. The tickets are sent to the employee’s private address by the naldo service center.

Job tickets may be issued in the form of a yearly subscription or for up to five consecutive months. Each employee may purchase only one of these job tickets per calendar year. Ticket costs and reimbursement are deducted from or credited to your salary.

Information, contact details and application forms may be found under UKT-Job ticket and transportation allowance (UKT Intranet, in German only)

Semester ticket for students

PhD candidates who decide to matriculate as students are entitled to buy the Semesterticket. Please find more information on the pages of the Student Administration (Studentensekretariat).

Monthly student bus pass

If you are a student at your home university but are not enrolling as a student at Tuebingen University, you might still be able to purchase a monthly student bus pass (Schülermonatskarte) from all places selling bus tickets if you show your student ID from your home university.

The bus pass costs 36,30 € per month (2018) and is valid for the Tuebingen city area. After 1.15 p.m. on school days, and all day long on holidays, during weekends and school holidays, the ticket is valid for the whole naldo area.

Tuebingen Research Campus

General information on this topic is jointly provided by the Welcome Centers of the University of Tuebingen, its Faculty of Medicine and the Max Planck Institutes on the page “Getting around” of Tuebingen Research Campus.

The Welcome Center continues to support you personally before and during your stay at the University of Tuebingen or the University Hospital.