Visa, Residence Permit, Working in Germany

On this page we provide information about special visa and residence permits, as well as work permits for international researchers.

Important information: Since 01.03.2020 the new law regarding the immigration of skilled workers has come into force. This has led to changes in the names of the paragraphs of the various visas and residence permits.

Research visa

The research visa (§ 18d) is a specific residence title for researchers. This visa gives researchers certain rights: the right to reside, to teach at higher education institutions, and to receive equal treatment for recognition of diplomas, working conditions, social security, taxation, etc.

The research visa facilitates the admission of researchers coming from non-European countries (third-country nationals) at European universities. As soon as the university has concluded a hosting agreement with the researcher, they can apply for a visa or a residence permit in Germany with the residence title “researcher” under § 18d of the residence act.

The University of Tuebingen is recognized as a research facility by the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees. This means that the University is able to provide hosting agreements for international researchers. Please note that research visas are generally processed faster and that they provide advantages for family members.

With a research visa you are allowed to work within a special research field and teach at Tuebingen University. In order to obtain this visa, you will need a hosting agreement from the University of Tuebingen. Through presentation of the hosting agreement, you can apply for the Research visa at your German embassy, or you can apply for a residence permit for researchers at the local immigration office.

Hosting Agreement

The University of Tuebingen’s Welcome Center is glad to sign a hosting agreement with you. Please contact us to check if the research visa is an option for you.

Doing a Ph.D. and work permit

Are you doing your Ph.D. at the University of Tübingen?

If you have a residence permit for the purpose of study (according to §16b Residence Act) you are allowed to work 120 days or 240 half days per year. This working permit is valid outside of the University of Tuebingen as well.

Have you finished your Ph.D. and are now looking for work?

After finishing your Ph.D your residence permit can be extended for up to 18 months during which you can search for an appriopriate job, if you can provide sufficient funds for your stay. 

Please contact us if you have further questions.

Understanding your pay slip

Confused about what all the words and numbers on your payslip mean? Please see the document "Your Remuneration Statement Explained" for a detailed explanation of each item. 

Tuebingen Research Campus

More information can be found on the website of the Tübingen Research Campus.