Institutskolloquium: Dualization as destiny? The political economy of labour market segmentation

Paul Marx (Duisburg/Essen) at Wednesday, 14.11.2018, 16 h c.t. in room 124, IfP

Dualization is an important concept in contemporary social policy research. It captures asymmetric deregulation or retrenchment at the expense of vulnerable labour market outsiders. It is often assumed that dualization is a stable policy compromise that reflects the preferences and the political influence of labour market insiders and their representatives. Recent theoretical contributions stress, however, that dualization creates self-undermining feedback effects on the level of public opinion and organised interests. The presentation elaborates this argument and applies it to make sense of recent policy changes in Germany and other European countries.

Paul Marx ist Professor für Politikwissenschaft am Institut für Sozioökonomie der Universität Duisburg-Essen. Seine Themenbereiche umfassen politische Einstellungs- und Verhaltensforschung, Arbeitsmarktwandel und soziale Ungleichheit.