Tübingen Center for Digital Education


at Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien, Tübingen

The Tübingen Digital Teaching Lab (TüDiLab) simulates a classroom equipped with current digital media and survey instruments. It is available for teaching events for the media didactic training and continuing education of (prospective) teachers. Interactive whiteboards, a class set of laptops and tablets, beamers and a document camera can be used for this purpose. Teachers can experience and test the potential of digital media for teaching and learning in a practice-oriented way, how they can be used for teaching, and which competencies they and their students need to have in order to benefit from this potential.

In addition, the TüDiLab enables research on the characteristics and effects of media-based teaching. To this end, a classroom is simulated in the TüDiLab, which is equipped with various survey instruments whose data allow a high-resolution description of teaching and learning processes in real classroom situations over time. Teachers and their classes can be invited to teach in the TüDiLab. Video cameras make it possible to record the teaching processes that take place. In addition, devices for recording eye movements are available for each student at all 30 workstations. In addition, the classroom furniture is flexible and mobile, which makes it easy to redesign the TüDiLab for different teaching scenarios.