VAAM/DGHM Symposium Microbial Pathogenicity

Symposium, World Microbe Forum 2021, 21.06.2021 | 9:00 am



Interactive Symposium

As part of the World Microbe Forum 2021 (20.06.—24.06.2021)

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9:00—11:30 am



Samuel Wagner (Universität Tübingen, CMFI)

9:00—9:30 am Assembly, Structure and Function of a Bacterial Nanosyringe

Samuel Wagner (Universität Tübingen, CMFI)

9:30—10:00 am Collective Mechanosensing Driven by Innate Immune Signaling Drives: The Extrusion En Masse of Bacterially-infected Epithelial Cells

Effie Bastounis (Universität Tübingen, CMFI)

10:00—10:30 am Patho-pyhsiological Roles of Vibrio cholerae Outer Membrane Vesicles

Stefan Schild (Universität Graz)

10:30—11:00 am Salmonella Infection and a Switch in Kinase Specificity Promotes Macrophage Polarisation

Theresa Thurston (Imperial College London)

11:00—11:30 am Live QA

About interactive sessions:

Interactive sessions will have a live component, including video or text Q&A with presenters and text chatting with other attendees. Interactive sessions have a scheduled start time and are programmed on channels. Speakers will be present during the entirety of the sessions to answer text questions during the recorded portion.