Maier Lab

The human body, and the gut in particular, provides an ideal ecosystem for microbial communities, which in turn play a fundamental role in human physiology and pathology. Maier et al. have recently shown that non-antibiotic drugs alter the physiology of gut microbes, but for the vast majority of these drug-microbe interactions the bacterial drug targets remain elusive and their impact on the human host unclear.

Using a combination of high-throughput approaches on synthetic and ex vivo microbial communities but also in vivo model organisms, the Maier lab aims at assessing the stability of these microbial communities, and their ability to silence pathogenic members of the community and to resist intruders. It also aims to understand how drugs can impact communities and whether one could use drugs to restore a healthy balance.

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Dr. Lisa Maier

is interested in all microorganisms that live in and on our bodies, especially those that are still almost unexplored. After a degree in biochemistry, a PhD in microbiology and a postdoc in systems microbiology, Lisa is leading the first Junior Research Group of the Cluster of Excellence CMFI since 2019. Her research group focuses on the influence of drugs on the human microbiome.