Junior Research Groups in the Cluster

Dr. Lisa Maier

is interested in all microorganisms that live in and on our bodies, especially those that are still almost unexplored. After a degree in biochemistry, a PhD in microbiology and a postdoc in systems microbiology, Lisa has been leading the first junior research group in the Cluster of Excellence CMFI since January 2019. Her research group focuses on the influence of drugs on the human microbiome.

Dr. Bastian Molitor

is mainly interested in strictly anaerobic microbes and the viruses that infect those microbes. After a degree in biology, and a PhD in microbiology, he did two postdocs in metabolic and bioprocess engineering. He is a group leader in the Environmental Biotechnology group since 2017, and since June 2020 he leads a junior research group in the Cluster of Excellence CMFI. His group utilizes microbiological, genetic engineering, and bioprocessing tools to put microbes to work and unravel the molecular basis for their interactions within microbiomes.


Dr. Christoph Ratzke

has been a junior research group leader in the cluster since the beginning of 2020. Christoph has quite a broad scientific interest ranging from physics to biology and everything in between. After studying biochemistry and doing his doctorate in single-molecule biophysics, he did his postdoctoral research at MIT in the field of ecological systems biology. His group is dedicated to microbial communities, with the goal of being able to modify and construct them for medical applications.