Next round of Cluster Innovation Fund projects

In the 2019 call for new projects within the framework of the Cluster’s Innovation Funds, 6 new projects were now accepted for funding.

To foster exchange between different scientific disciplines, Full and Associate members of the Cluster can apply for competitive, inramural Cluster funding (“Innovation Funds”) to start innovative, high-risk projects that are within the scope of the Cluster. Ideally, a project is collaborative with two PIs involving different domains or disciplines.

In this second round of applications (October 2019), 6 projects will now get funding for a research project for a duration of 3 years:
  1. Emotional cues and alcohol use: evidence from intensive longitudinal multilevel data in sports - Augustin Kelava and Tim Pawlowski

  2. Counterfactual explanations of decisions of deep neural networks with applications in medical diagnostics - Matthias Hein and Philipp Berens

  3. Applied Causal Inference in Social Sciences and Medicine - Dominik Papies and Philipp Berens

  4. Understanding quantum effects in neural network models through ML - Sabine Andergassen and Igor Lesanovsky

  5. Extending deep kernel approaches for better prediction and understanding of ADME phenotypes and related drug response - Nico Pfeifer and Matthias Schwab

  6. Analytic classical density fuctionals from an equation learning network - Georg Martius and Martin Oettel
In the first round in 2018, 7 projects had already been selected for funding.