New independent Research Group at the Cluster of Excellence 'Machine Learning'

On February 1, 2021, Dr. Christian Baumgartner has started as head of an independent Research Group.

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Dr. Christian Baumgartner's independent Research Group 'Machine Learning in Medical Image Analysis' is the number six junior research group established by our Cluster of Excellence "Machine Learning". His research is at the interface of machine learning and automated medical image analysis with the goal to create safe and robust clinical prediction systems. Topics of particular interest include uncertainty estimation, robustness of predictions, working with scarce labels, and using generative modelling to extract knowledge from large medical data collections.

Christian Baumgartner was previously a post-doctoral fellow with Prof. Konukoglu in the Biomedical Image Computing Group at ETH Zürich (2017-2019). There he focused on generative modelling and its application to topics such as uncertainty estimation in image segmentation, learning from scarce data, and reconstruction of magnetic resonance images. Before joining our Cluster, he was working as a senior research engineer at PTC Vuforia (2020-2021) with a focus on deep learning and computer vision.

For further information please visit 'Machine Learning in Medical Image Analysis'