About Tübingen

Tübingen is in the middle of the federal state "Baden-Württemberg" in southern Germany and offers plenty possible activities and sightseeing. Explore Tübingen´s old town with small frame houses and narrow alleys. Take a look at Tübingen and its surroundings from above at Tübingen´s castle. Or take a stroll on the isle in the Neckar and enjoy the view of the coloured houses facing the Neckar, the so-called "Neckarfront". Legend has it that the plane trees on the isle were planted by Tübingen´s last executioner. And of course: Do not miss the opportunity to take part in a punting tour on the Neckar! You can find information about Tübingen´s history at the city museum. If you are more interessted in ancient cultures the museum at Tübingen´s castle is a prime adress. Besides cultural activities there is also considerable night life in Tübingen! There are bars from cosy to fancy, like "Collegium" or "Bartista". Small clubs like "Butterbrezel" and "Schwarzes Schaf" offer dance floors different from the large club "TOP10".

The area surrounding Tübingen has a lot to offer. If you enjoy hiking, the forest nearby - called "Schönbuch" - offers a lot of possible trails. You can also visit the famous castle Hohenzollern near Hechingen, which is accessible easily by train. There are also very nice hiking routes around the Swabian Alb, for example the so-called "Traufgänge" which do not require special equipment or experience and stamina. If you are more into shopping, visiting "Outletcity Metzingen" and Stuttgart is a good idea. You get to both by train. The Ritter Sport Chocolate Museum and factory outlet is also a worthwhile visit.

But you don´t have to explore Tübingen on your own! We will organise several events, and you are invited to join us!

If you want to know more about Tübingen visit Tübingen´s Wikipedia page, tourist office ('Bürger- und Verkehrsverein' and the TUEpedia page. You will find some general information, interesting details and more ideas for worthwhile sightseeing.