3rd Workshop on Semantic Processing, Logic and Cognition

Workshop Venue

The workshop will take place at the Hohentübingen castle. The castle is located in the center of the old town of Tübingen (map). From the main station and bus terminals you can walk to the castle in 15 minutes.


For the invited speakers we reserved the hotel Krone (map). We recommend also the hotels Meteora, Domizil and Hospitz. Both of these hotels are within walking distance from the workshop venue. Besides that, the tourists office has a list of hotels in Tübingen. You could also use their booking engine.

Getting to Tübingen

By plane

Stuttgart Airport (STR) is about 35 km to the north-east of Tübingen. From Stuttgart Airport, you can take bus line 828 (Airport-Sprinter) to Tübingen. The bus takes about one hour to Tübingen. It leaves from the airport once every hour. The bus stop is located on the ground-floor of the airport building. Alternatively, you can take a city train (S-Bahn) to Stuttgart main station and then continue on a train to Tübingen (see below). Frankfurt Airport is about 200 km away from Tübingen. You can take a train to Stuttgart main station which takes more than an hour and then continue on a train to Tübingen.

By train

From Stuttgart main station trains to Tübingen leave frequently. They take about one hour. Detailled time tables can be received from the German Railway Information System.

By car

Tübingen can be reached by B 27 and B 28 federal highways. The B 27 crosses the A 8 highway (from Munich and Karlsruhe) to the north of Tübingen. The B 28 crosses the A 81 highway (from Singen and Würzburg) to the west of Tübingen.

Getting around in Tübingen

Once you arrive in Tübingen, you can take a taxi or a bus, or walk to your hotel. Buses leave in front of the train station at the main bus terminal. Bus schedules are available at the EFA-BW information system. From some of the hotels in Tübingen it is most convenient to walk to the workshop venue. If you wish to take a bus, you can take one of the buses to Neckarbrücke or to the main bus terminal. From there you can already see the castle which is located within 15 minutes walking distance from the bus terminals and ten minutes from Neckarbrücke.