Prof. Dr. Mischa Meier Department of History
Vice spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Renate Dürr Department of History
Other board members: Lic. Andrea Kirstein Scientific Management
Dr. Anne Ulrich Institute of Media Studies
Prof. Dr. Boris Nieswand Department of Sociology
Prof. Dr. Klaus Ridder Department of German studies
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Johler Department for Historical and Cultural Anthropology


Coordination:Andrea Kirstein
Office:Cornelia Stoll
Public Relations:Roman Krawielicki

Participating Faculties and Institutes at Tübingen University

Faculty of Catholic Theology:

Department of Biblical Studies and Church History

Faculty of Medicine:

Institute of Ethics and History of Medicine

Faculty of Humanities:

German Department

English Department

Department of History

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences:

Institute of Political Science

Department of Historical and Cultural Anthropology