Ancillary Project Group: Cultural Dynamics of Threat Constitution


The Project Group "Cultural Dynamics of Threat Constitution" is an ancillary research unit associated with the CRC 923. With a special focus on processes of homogenisation, pluralisation, and emotionalisation, as well issues of spatial dynamics, cultural variations, medial communication, and reflexivity, the individual studies within this project group investigate the following topics:

Projects of the ancillary project group:

A: The Threat to the Order of Everyday Life for Indian Workers in India within the Context of a Bi-National Company Merger

B: Threatened Orders in Badakhshan (Tajikistan): The Village Cleric Xalifa as a Mediator and Catalyst of Moral Change

C: The German Debates on Asylum from 1989 to 1993: The Construction, Perception and Instrumentalisation of a "Threatened Order“

D: Threat and Social Order in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

E: The Effects of Changes in Norms, the Emotions of Group Members and the Relationship between Proponents and Opponents of Change

F: Stuttgart 21: Public Outcries as an Emotional Practice of Threat Discourse