Daniel Rothenburg

Research Associate

Project E05 - "Salinization and Soil Degradation threatening Agrarian Orders in Russia, Kazakhstan/Tajikistan and Australia since 1945"

Keplerstraße 2
72074 Tübingen
Room: 188
Phone: 07071 29 75088
E-Mail: daniel.rothenburgspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de


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Research Project at the CRC 923

Topic: Individual Study within the project E05 “Salinization and soil degradation as threats to the agrarian orders in Russia, Kazakhstan/Tajikistan and Australia since 1945”


My dissertation (working title: “The world, as seen in a rural place in Victoria, Australia”) explores the changes in Australian rural communities through the environmental threat of salinization induced by irrigation from ca. 1950 to 1990. I study the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District in the Murray-Darling Basin and focus on socio-economic transformations, local organization and self-help, engineering solutions and changing environmental attitudes.

I reflect this Australian case within the frame of the environmental history of the 20th century and such topics as the Green Revolution, Modernity and the politics of development and the Ecological Revolution around 1970.

My book will provide historical depth to debates about environmental issues in the early 21st century within the horizon of Global Warming, especially relating to soil degradation and agriculture – both in Australia and the world.





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