Guests & Visting fellows

The Collaborative Research Center 923 regularly invites distinguished colleagues, particularly from other countries, to Tübingen for both long- and short-term fellowships. During their stay, they contribute to the CRC's research with regard to cross-cutting issues. Usually, they are in close contact with some of the CRC's individual projects and assist researchers with their expertise and knowledge. In addition to that, they present their findings and research in lectures or panel discussions to all members and fellows of the research center. Since 2011, the CRC has established a wide network of researchers all over the world and cooperated with about 50 colleagues at home and abroad, thus becoming an important hub for international academic exchange.

What follows is a list of all guests and research fellows of the CRC 923 (in reverse chronological order):

Third funding period (2019 to 2023)

Second funding period (2015 to 2019)

First funding period (2011 to 2015)