Research staff

The Collaborative Research Center 923 "Threatened Order. Societies under Stress" is home to around 60 researchers who are working in a total of 18 projects. Our team takes multiple perspectives into account, which is why our staff consists of, for example, historians, political scientists, legal scholars, sociologists, cultural scientists, literary scholars, theologians and philologists. In more than 30 individual projects they investigate research questions regarding different "Threatened Orders".

E01: Ordo amplissimus. The threat to the Eastern Roman imperial elite under emperor Justinian I.

E02: Viri absentes. Re-ordering of gender orders in the context of Roman expansion (2nd–1st century BC)

Dr. Lisa Pilar Eberle
Principal investigator

E04: Threat communication, coping practices and financial market speculation. Stock market booms, crashes and knowledge practices (18th–19th century)

PD Dr. Daniel Menning
Principal investigator

E06: Threat and diversity in the urban context. Ethnically heterogeneous and unequal districts in the global South

F01: Transformation through threat. Threatened Orders and the development of the late Roman monarchy/monarchies

Prof. Dr. Mischa Meier
Principal investigator
Dr. James Harland (until 2021)
Research associate

Now: University of Bonn
dharlandspam prevention@uni-bonn.de

Dr. Fabian Schulz
Research associate

F02: From Carolingian order to "société féodale"? Threatened Order and change in the Carolingian world

F03: Craftsmen – farmers – clergymen. Threats to social-moral systems of order in religious literary discourse (15th–17th century)

F04: Colonial order as Threatened Order: the Sangley revolts and Spanish massacres in Manila (1603, 1639, 1662, 1686)

Prof. Dr. Renate Dürr
Principal investigator
Dr. Philip Hahn
Principal investigator

F07: The struggle for international order. On the integration of affected population groups into the United Nations system

F08: Solidarity and protection. Mobilizing discourses and practices in refugee aid at the crossroads of national narratives of identity, personal value systems, and political activism

F09: The threatened order of the “globalized” world. Conceptions of globalization, political awakening and social debate in the USA, Great Britain and Germany (1990s and 2000s)

Prof. Dr. Jan Eckel
Principal investigator

G01: Platonism and Christianity in late antiquity: literary strategies of threat communication in Porphyrios and Eusebios

Prof. Dr. Volker Drecoll
Principal investigator
Joshua Shaw, M.A.
PhD candidate

G02: Spiritual women‘s communities in the 18th century. Conceptions of order and threat communication during the enlightenment and secularisation

Niklas Goldberg (until 2020)
PhD candidate (until 2020)

G03: A genealogy of hybridity. The Threatened Orders of the multicultural Istrian peninsula (1970–2013)

G04: End of Empire. Re-ordering in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada (1960–1980)

Prof. Dr. Ewald Frie
Principal investigator

G05: Threatened but stable medical systems of knowledge. Ebola in West Africa and endangered orders of medicine (2013–2016)

PD Dr. Henning Tümmers
Principal investigator

G06: Past Futures of threatened orders. Alternative racial orders in speculative fictions and realities in the U.S.

Prof. Dr. Astrid Franke
Principal investigator
Max Rhiem, M.A.
PhD candidate

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OE: Experiences – expectations – results. Threatened Orders between scientific analysis and public discussion

Dr. Barbara Hanke
Principal investigator
Roman Krawielicki, M.A. (until 2020)
Communications Officer