Manuel Dieterich, M.A.

Research associate (PhD candidate)

Office Address
CRC 923 "Threatened Order"
Keplerstrasse 2 (NE wing), Room 169
72074 Tübingen
  +49 7071 29 77345


Office hours
By appointment via Email

G04 – Urban districts



Project within the CRC 923

Single study within the framework of the Project E06: Threat and Diversity in Urban Contexts. Ethnically Heterogeneous and Unequal Neighborhoods in the Global South (Head: Prof. Dr. Boris Nieswand).

The neighborhood constellation selected in Johannesburg is located in the outlying district of Krugersdorp in the west of the city. The more affluent neighborhood, which is largely inhabited by people belonging to the lower middle class, contrasts with an informal slum-like neighborhood. They are separated and connected by a barren wasteland where so-called 'zama zama' illegally mine for gold. The aim of the project is the local investigation of the effects of threat communications in the context of urban diversity configurations on coexistence.

Research interests

  • Moral Sociology
  • Urban research, neighborhood
  • Migration, refugee research
  • Sociology of critique
  • Micro-sociology
  • Methods of qualitative social research, especially ethnography, grounded theory and discourse analysis in the sociology of knowledge
  • Member of the interdisciplinary Research Network UnKUT

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2019
Research associate

at the CRC 923 "Threatened Order. Societies under Stress" (Project E06)

2017 to 2019
Research assistant / doctoral student

at the Institute for Sociology at the University of Tübingen

2014 to 2017
Research assistant

at the CRC 923 "Threatened Order. Societies under Stress" (Project E06)

2014 to 2017
M.A. degree course in sociology

at the University of Tübingen with focus on empirical social research Research assistant

2013 to 2017

at the Institute for Sociology at the University of Tübingen

2010 to 2014
B.A. degree course in sociology and political science

at the University of Tübingen



  • Legitimation and Delegitimation of Criticism. An empirical investigation of a conflict about the new construction of a refugee connection housing. Master's thesis, Institute of Sociology, University of Tübingen 2017. (Online-Zugriff).
  • Surveying and Sharing. Practices and discourses of sharing digital self-measurement data. Tübingen 2017 (together with Kaan Atanisev, Lukas Dawgiert, Manuel Dieterich, Thomas Lauterwasser, Max Leckert, Matthias Leger, Alexander Orlowski, Susanne Panzitta, Sebastian Steidle & Maria Tiede). (Online-Zugriff

Essays / Contributions

  • Show division?! A contribution to the discussion on the moralization of political debates, in: BedenkZeiten, 25.01.2021 (Online-Zugriff)
  • Wohl denen, die sich integrieren! Integrationism as Moral Order, in: Michael Spieker & Christian Hofmann (eds.): Integration. Teilhabe und Zusammenleben in der Migrationsgesellschaft. Baden-Baden 2020, pp. 115-132 (together with Elif Alp-Marent & Boris Nieswand).
  • Reflexive Migration Research. Zur Etablierung eines neuen Forschungsparadigmas, in: Migration und Soziale Arbeit 42, 2/2020, pp. 146-152 (with Boris Nieswand).
  • Overcommitment through Moralization. Self- and Other-Identifications in a Municipal Dispute about a Refugee Accommodation, in: Berliner Debatte Initial 31, 2/2020, pp.74-85.
  • Corona crisis and moralizations, in: Sociology Blog, 2020/05/13. (Online-Zugriff).
  • Alternative without an alternative?! An Approach to the Success of the AfD, in: Sociology Blog, 12.04.2020 (Online-Zugriff).
  • Moralization of a Conflict. A local dispute between city administration and residents' initiative about the new construction of a connecting accommodation for refugees, in: Z'Flucht - Zeitschrift für Flucht- und Flüchtlingsforschung 3, 1/2019, pp. 44-70.
  • I'll see it when I believe it. The paradigm of cultural difference using the example of the discourse on the events at Cologne Central Station on New Year's Eve, in: Sociologieblog, 29.09.2016 (updated 07.04.2020). (Online-Zugriff).

Conference reports / reviews

  • Conference Report: Threat and Order, Existence and Power. An Interdisciplinary Symposium, 24.-25.09.2015 Tübingen, in: H-Soz-Kult, 19.01.2016 (Online-Zugriff).

Conferences / Workshops


  • Corona at Work. Scientific Work in Threatened Orders. Lecture (together with Boris Nieswand) at the Institutional Colloquium "Crisis - Catastrophe - Threatened Orders" of the EKW, 14.01.2021, University of Tübingen.
  • Threat Figurations in Neighborly Coexistence. The cases of Soul City and Mindalore in Johannesburg. Lecture at the international Conference ‘Southern Africa City Studies Conference‘ vom 31.08.–04.09.2020 (online), Wits Johannesburg.
  • Threats and Moralizations in unequal and diverse neighborhoods. The case of Soul City and Mindalore. Lecture at the international Conference 'Neighborhoods, Diversity and Threat. Different Perspectives from current urban research projects' vom 12.–13.03.2020, Wits Johannesburg.
  • ower - Morality - (In-)Visibility. Moral Dimensions of the (In-)Visibility of Refugees on the Example of a Conflict about the New Construction of a Connecting Accommodation. Paper presented at the interdisciplinary workshop 'Un-/Sichtbarkeit der Migration. Accesses of visual anthropology', 01-03.08.2019, LMU Munich.
  • Fracture Lines of Urban Governance Legitimacy. Reflections on justification narratives using examples of migration-related participation formats. Lecture (together with Jan Lange) at the conference 'Stadt - Migration - Moral. Ethnographic Accesses to Local Orders of Justification' on 11.04.2019, University of Tübingen.
  • Morality in a Conflict in the Context of Refugee Accommodation. Presentation at the workshop 'Integration of Refugees: Praxis trifft Wissenschaft' on 28.9.2018, Landratsamt Tübingen.

Organization of conferences/panels

  • International Forum 2020: "Wellbeing and Subjectives across the Global South" / Futures under Construction, 'Borders and the Production of Ill-Being. A Global Conversation' (together with Richard Ballard, Javier Ruiz-Tagle, Marta Stojić Mitrović, Diskutant: Sarover Zaidi, Chair: Boris Nieswand, (Organization: Research Team "Diversity & Migration" Universität Tübingen), 09.07.2020, Universität Tübingen, online.
  • International Conference 'Neighborhoods, Diversity and Threat. Different Perspectives from current urban research projects' (together with Damian Martinez and Boris Nieswand), 12.–13.03.2020, Wits Johannesburg
  • International Summer School ‘Problematizing Morality. Ethnographic Approaches to the Normative Dimensions of Everyday Life‘ (organized together with Lukas Fehr, Moritz Fischer, Jan Hinrichsen, Damian Martinez und Frankziska Veit (all University of Tübingen)), 24.–27.09.2019, Universität Tübingen.
  • Summer School 'Writing in Qualitative Research' (together with Jörg Strübing, Ursula Offenberger and Babara Stauber), 29-30.07.2019, University of Tübingen.
  • Spring School 'Qualitative Research' (together with Jörg Strübing, Ursula Offenberger and Babara Stauber), 11-12.04.2019, University of Tübingen.
  • Conference: 'City - Migration - Morality. Ethnographic Accesses to Local Orders of Justification' (11.-12.04.2019 University of Tübingen, co-organized with Jan Lange (University of Tübingen).
  • Organization of the ad-hoc group Crises, Processes, Potentials (jointly organized with Simon Scholz (University of Bamberg)) at the 37th Congress of the DGS in Trier.
  • Member of the organizing team of the 5th Student Sociology Congress 'Denken über(-)denken' 2015 in Tübingen. Among other things, responsible for PR, framework program, ad-hoc group at the DGS 2014 congress.

Classes taught


  • "Urbanity in Theory and Practice. Sociological Approaches to the City" at the Institute of Sociology, Summer Semester 2019, University of Tübingen.
  • "Micro-sociology: ethnography of urban interactions" at the Institute of Sociology, Winter Term 2018/19, University of Tübingen.
  • "Theories of Statehood" at the Institute of Sociology, Summer Term 2018, University of Tübingen.
  • "Micro Sociology: Interaction and Protest" at the Institute of Sociology,Winter Term 2017/18, University of Tübingen.