Jannes Jaeger, M.A.

Research associate (PhD candidate)

Office Address
CRC 923 "Threatened Order"
Doblerstr. 21
D-72074 Tübingen
+49 7071 29-75097
jannes-miro.jaegerspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Office hours
By appointment via email

F09: Globalization


Project within the CRC 923

Project F09: The threatened order of the ‘globalized’ world. Conceptions of globalization, political awakening and social debate in the USA, Great Britain, and the Federal Republic of Germany (1990s and 2000s)

Project F09 addresses the emergence of the globalization discourse during the 1990s and early 2000s and takes a synchronous perspective to explore the question of how the discourse and its inherent notions of threatened orders shaped contemporary political perceptions and action in the USA, Great Britain, and Germany. The project focuses on the expansion of free trade promoted by the Clinton government and the World Trade Organization and opposed by the ‘anti-globalization movement’, as well as the reforms of social and labour market policies in both Great Britain and Germany.

Research interests

  • Contemporary history (especially the history of Germany, Great Britain and the USA since the 1980s)
  • History of the politics and ideas of "globalization"
  • History of European social democracy around the turn of the millennium
  • Transnational history
  • Cultural history of the late 20th and early 21st century

Curriculum Vitae

Since August 2019
Research associate

at the CRC 923 "Threatened Order. Societies under Stress" (Project F09)

2016 to 2017
Scholarship for master students

of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Freiburg

2014 to 2017
Research assistant & tutor

at the Chair for Non-European History at the University of Freiburg

2014 to 2015
Student assistant

at the Zentrum für Populäre Kultur und Musik at the University of Freiburg

2014 to 2017
M.A. degree course in modern history

at the University of Freiburg

2012 to 2014
Research assistant

at the Chair of Modern History with a focus on the 19th/20th century at the University of Konstanz and at the Chair of Non-European History at the University of Freiburg

2011 to 2014
B.A. degree course in modern and contemporary history and modern German literature (B.A.)

at the University of Freiburg