Dr. Adrian Masters

Research associate (Postdoc)

Office Address
CRC 923 "Threatened Order"
Keplerstrasse 2 (NE wing), Room 288
D-72074 Tübingen
 +49 7071 29-75094
adrianmmastersspam prevention@gmail.com

F04 - Colonial Order as Threatened Order

Project within the CRC 923

Project F04: Colonial order as Threatened Order: the Sangley revolts and Spanish massacres in Manila (1603, 1639, 1662, 1686)

The project examines Spanish colonial rule in the 17th century as a threatened system of order from a diachronic perspective based on the example of the four Sangley revolts in the Philippines (1603, 1639, 1662, 1686). On the one hand, questions will be asked as how the Spanish administration succeeded in mobilizing very different groups for its campaign against the Chinese-origin Sangleys, how colonial rule in Manila changed as a result of relevant threat communication, and about the re-ordering processes that were established based on such communication. On the other hand, the project will analyse the role that translation processes played in the maintenance of long-distance rule with respect to the global dimension of threat communication.

Curriculum vitae

2020 bis 2022
Humboldt-Forschungsstipendium (Postdoc)

declined in lieu of current position

Seit Juni 2019
Research associate (Postdoc)

at CRC 923 "Threatened Order. Societies under Stress (Project F04)

2019 bis 2020
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow

declined in lieu of current position

2018 bis 2019

at the Institute for Historical Studies of the University of Texas at Austin (USA)


at the Department of History of the University of Texas at Austin. Dissertation: Creating Law in the Spanish Empire: Petitioners, Royal Decrees, & the Council of the Indies, 1524–1598

2017 bis 2018
Graduate Writing Fellow

of the University of Texas at Austin (USA)

2012 bis 2017

at the Department of History of the University of Texas at Austin (USA)

2011 bis 2012
Geraldine H. Styles scholar

at the Department of History of the University of Texas at Austin (USA)

B.A. degress course in history and Latin-American/Ibero-American studies

at Bard College (USA-NY)



  • The Radical Spanish Empire, to be published by Harvard University Press (with Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra) (in preparation).

Essays / Contributions

  • Law and the Old Testament in Colonial Spanish America, in: R.S. Sugirtharajah (Hg.): Oxford Handbook of Postcolonial Biblical Criticism, Oxford 2019 (online, im Druck).
  • A Thousand Invisible Architects: Vassals, the Petition-and-Response System, and the Creation of Spanish Imperial Caste Legislation, in: Hispanic American Historical Review 98, 3/2018, S. 377–406.

Conferences / Workshops

Lectures / conferences

  • 2019, University College Dublin Symposium of Golden Age Studies (Chair, presenter), “Beyond the Myth of the Two Republics,” Dublin.
  • 2019, Harvard University Workshop: Rethinking Petitioning in the Habsburg and Colonial World (Chair, co-organizer, & presenter), “The Responsive Regime,” Boston.
  • 2019, Seminario Permanente (Max Planck Institute for European Legal History), “Rethinking State Formation from Below with a Focus on 1500s Mexico,” Frankfurt.
  • 2018, LAGLOBAL Writing Workshop (University College), “The Spanish and Jesuits in Ming China: Clocks, Maps, and New World Knowledge,” London.
  • 2018, Arguing for the Rule of Law (Illinois Law) workshop, “Inca Absolutists, Bureaucratic Israelites: Ideas of Ancient Justice in the 1500s New World,” Chicago.
  • 2018, Institute for Historical Studies (IHS) workshop, “The Devil’s Rodeo: The Logistics of Spanish Imperial Petitioning,” Austin.
  • 2018, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), “Yo he sido informado: Petición y respuesta en el imperio español, siglo XVI,” Quito.
  • 2018, Invited presentation (LAGLOBAL, FLACSO), “La hermenéutica de la sospecha en el Consejo de Indias, siglo XVI,” Quito.
  • 2017, History Department Gender Symposium (UT Austin), “Petitioners, Spanish-Indian Offspring, and the Origins of the Terms ‘Mestiza’ and ‘Mestizo,’” Austin.
  • 2016, Southwest Seminar (Texas Christian U.), “The Hidden Architects of Spanish Imperial Law: Petitioners and Royal Decrees in 16th Century Indies,” Fort Worth.
  • 2016, Ideas of Latin America talk & round table (Universidad Iberoamericana), “Ideas del mestizo: Viejos mitos y nuevos rumbos en la historiografía mexicana,” Mexico City.
  • 2015, Historisches Seminar - Frühe Neuzeit (Ludwig-Maximilians U.), "Creating Imperial Decrees From Below: Colonial Petitioners and Mestizo Laws," Munich.

Presentations on Panels:

  • 2019, As Petições e o Atlântico Revolucionário (Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa), “Towards a Theory of Responsive Regimes,” Lisbon.
  • 2018, Knowledge and Governance in the Early Modern Spanish Empire (Eberhard Karls Universität), “From Ignorance to Archives. The Council of the Indies' Creation of the Spanish Imperial Archive, 1492 -1598,” Tübingen.
  • 2018, American Society for Legal Historians, “Inca Absolutists, Bureaucratic Israelites: Spanish Ideas of Ancient Justice in the 1500s New World,” Houston.
  • 2017, Latin American Studies Association (LASA), “The Lettered Marketplace: Petitioning the Crown for Decrees on Mestizos in the 1500s Spanish Empire,” Lima.
  • 2016, 25th COMEXUS Fulbright-García Conference (Fulbright), “How to Create Laws - and Invent the ‘Mestizo’ - in the 1500s Spanish Empire,” Querétaro.
  • 2015, 61st Renaissance Society of America (RSA), “In Search of an Ancient Christian Past: Cuzco's Mestizo Brotherhood in the Late Sixteenth Century,” Berlin.
  • 2014, 61st  Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies, “The Pope, the Patronato, and Indian and Mestizo Advocacy Groups in the 1500s Spanish Atlantic," New Orleans.