Carina Moser, M.A.

Research associate (PhD candidate)

Office Address
CRC 923 "Threatened Orders"
Keplerstrasse 2 (NE wing), Room 186
D-72074 Tübingen
+49 7071 29-77361
carina-klara.moserspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

F09 – Globalization

Project within the CRC 923

Project F09:The threatened order of the ‘globalized’ world. Conceptions of globalization, political awakening and social debate in the USA, Great Britain, and the Federal Republic of Germany (1990s and 2000s)

The project addresses the emergence of the globalization discourse during the 1990s and early 2000s and takes a synchronous perspective to explore the question of how the discourse and its inherent notions of threatened orders shaped contemporary political perceptions and action in the USA, Great Britain, and Germany. The project focuses on the expansion of free trade promoted by the Clinton government and the World Trade Organization and opposed by the ‘anti-globalization movement’, as well as the reforms of social and labour market policies in both Great Britain and Germany.

Research interests:

  • Contemporary History
  • History of politics
  • Intellectual history

Curriculum vitae

Since 2021
PhD candidate

at the Chiar for "Neueste Geschichte & Zeitgeschichte" at the University of Freiburg (Prof. Dr. Jan Eckel)

Since 2020
Research associate

at the CRC 923 "Threatened Order. Societies under Stress" (Project F09)


at the Department of History at the University of Tübingen

2018 to 2019

of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bonn.


at the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg

2017 to 2019
Research assistant

at the Institute for Didactics of History and Public History at the University of Tübingen

2017 to 2019
M.A. degree course in history

at the University of Tübingen


at various history marketing agencies (Birke und Partner and H&C Stader)

2013 to 2017
B.A. degree course in general rhetoric and history

at the University of Tübingen. Bachelor's thesis in the context of the pedagogical library project "Man wird jawohl noch sagen dürfen..." of the Documentation Center Oberer Kuhberg Ulm e.V.


Conference reports

  • Historikertag 2021: Umstrittene „Globalisierung“. Die Durchsetzung von Verflechtungsdiagnosen in der westlichen Politik seit den 1970er Jahren, 05.10.2021–08.10.2021 hybrid (München), in: H-Soz-Kult, 13.11.2021.



  • "Tübingen links und rechts außen - Ein historischer Blog zur Tübinger Geschichte im 20. Jahrhundert", winter term 2018/19, University of Tübingen.  (together with Prof. Dr. Bernd-Stefan Grewe).