Thorsten Zachary, M.A.

Research associate & Communications officer

Office Address
CRC 923 "Threatened Order"
Keplerstrasse 2 (NE wing), Room 191
D-72074 Tübingen
 +49 7071 29-75095
thorsten.zacharyspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Ö – Experiences – expectations – results

Project within the CRC 923

Project Ö: Experiences – expectations – results. Threatened Orders between scientific analysis and public discussion

Project Ö further advances the historization of crisis diagnoses – one of the CRC’s long-term goals – by anchoring the concept of transfer in the research design and research practices of the subprojects and of the CRC as a whole. In the third funding period, Project Ö will work with CRC collaborators to develop a global exhibition to be held at twelve locations worldwide, and which will integrate and expand on the existing virtual exhibition. In addition, the project is developing a digital learning platform for teachers and students that transfers the CRC model to classrooms teaching history. Finally, the project will continue to ensure intensive interaction both within and outside of the research group through innovative formats as well as classical public relations work.

Research interests:

  • Science communication & public history
  • History of Eastern European Studies and "Ostforschung" since the 19th Century
  • Historiography, History of Science since the 19th Century
  • German and international history in the 20th century

Curriculum vitae

since 2021
PhD candidate

Working title: Alte Kameraden und neues Geld. Werner Markert und die Anfänge der Osteuropaforschung an der Universität Tübingen (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Klaus Gestwa, PD Dr. Katharina Kucher)

since December 2020
PR Officer and Research associate

at the CRC 923 "Threatened Orders" (Project Ö)

Research associate (parental leave substitute) and research assistant

at the CRC 923 "Threatened Orders" (Project Ö)


at the German Historical Institute Washington D.C. (USA)

2016 to 2017
Research associate

at the project "The beginnings of Eastern European research at the University of Tübingen (funded by the Rector of the University of Tübingen)

2016 to 2019
M.A. degree course in history

at the University of Tübingen

Research associate

in the project "Research of an original Russian-language document issued by Peter I in 1708" (funded by the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt))

2015 to 2019
Student/Research assistant

at the Institute for Eastern European History and Area Studies and the CRC 923 "Threatened Order. Societies under Stress"

2012 to 2016
B.A. degree course in history and English/American studies

at the University of Tübingen and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)


Newspaper article

  • Feindforschung mit alten Wehrmachtbeständen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Sept. 13, 2017, No. 213, p. N3 (co-authored with Katharina Kucher).

Reviews & conference reports

  • Historische und Kulturelle Narrative: Konkurrenzen und Verflechtungen im östlichen Europa (Russland, Ukraine und Belarus), 12.–14.11.2015, Tübingen. In: H-Soz-Kult, 05.02.2016.
  • Tchernobyl – Impacts, Échos, Héritages Est-Ouest, 16.03.2016, Paris. In: H-Soz-Kult, 15.06.2016.