The Virtual Museum

The virtual museum is our way of showing you how we gain new insights through the analysis of material culture. Our museum is divided into three exciting rooms: the depot, where the 21 subprojects are presented, the collection, which explains what we do and how we work with individual objects from our research, and changing exhibitions on current SFB research topics.

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Current Exhibition:

The Vikings: A Myth between Pop Culture and Culture of Remembrance

The Vikings are omnipresent in pop culture. Most people will recognize a Viking – for example by a horned helmet – or will be able to identify a Viking ship: The long and narrow shape, the shields on the railing, rudders as well as sails, often with red and white stripes, and the dragon's head attached to the front of the ship (on the stem) – these are the typical attributes. These pictures often illustrate the idea of explorers, plunderers and conquerors who ravaged the world on their warships. These portrayals, however, tell more about our view of history than about historical realities. But where do these stereotypes come from and how authentic are they? This is what this exhibition is about, presenting the Viking myth as a brand, as a place of longing and as a source of identity.

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