Equal Opportunities

The equal opportunities commissioners within the Collaborative Research Centre 1070 RessourceCultures:

  • are responsible for family support and the compatibility of scientific career and family live. This applies to all staff members of the Collaborative Research Centre with family commitments. This refers to child care, but to commitments to other family members in need of care as well. The equal opportunities commissioners offer support to balance family and scientific work. Training sessions may be offered internally or arranged externally.
  • are points of contact in case of work related family problems or conflicts. We may mediate in situations of conflict, for example in periods of stress during doctoral research or intensive work.
  • are collecting and distributing information regarding continuing education, support programmes and possible changes of laws. We also offer help in finding support facilities for child care or geriatric care.
  • are committed to the promotion of women at the workplace. The focus here is on the organisation of training and support, the arrangement of programmes and the building of career networks for women.



Compatibility of scientific career and family live:

  • Support in the arrangement of flexible child care (especially during after-work-hours of regular child care institutions).
  • Training
  • Point of contact in case of work related family problems or conflicts
  • Support during leaves due to family commitments

Career support for women:

  • Mentoring
  • Continuous education
  • Reimbursement of fees for trainings
  • Support of networking



Compatibility of scientific career and family live:

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Child care in Tübingen:

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Equal Opportunities:

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