Technical Notes

Supervisor: Dr. Karsten Schmidt

A technical note is a short article giving a brief description of a specific development, technique or procedure, or it may describe a modification of an existing technique, procedure or device applicable to geoscientific and archaeological research areas. The description will have practical value and will contribute to interdisciplinary research using methods and algorithms across fields. We focus on synergies in the application of geoscientific methods in the field of digital (spatial) humanities. The main criteria for publication will be the novelty of concepts involved, the validity of the technique and its potential for archaeological and/or related applications.

Technical Notes 1: Seamless workflow for defining archaeological site densities with contour lines by using the open source (geo-)statistical language R (Jan Johannes Ahlrichs, Jessica Henkner, and Karsten Schmidt).

Technical Notes 2: Analyzing prehistoric weights and weight systems using Kendall's formula and the open-source (geo-)statistical language R (Jan Johannes Ahlrichs and Karsten Schmidt).

Technical Notes 3: Distance relationships or does distance matter – calculating a non-isotropic spatial relationship by integrating human energy expenditure in terrain based estimations – A seamless workflow for defining archaeological Site Exploitation Territories (SET) using the open source (geo-)statistical language R (Jan Johannes Ahlrichs, Philipp Gries, and Karsten Schmidt).