Heterogenous Primary Research Data of the SFB 833 - Representation and Processing

The aim of the INF project is to archive the primary research data produced by the SFB 833 in a sustainable fashion in order to support the following desiderata:
1. the requirement of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) to make all primary research data created by DFG funding available to the research community for a period of at least ten years,
2. to realize the concept of an enhanced publication, where the publication as such is linked to the primary research data which formed the empirical basis of the analyses reported in the publication, and
3. to support the reusability of the data inside and outside of the SFB833 as well as to support the replication of experimental results that have been published on the basis of the data sets in question.
Regarding the infrastructural aspects of the project, INF closely collaborates with Center of Information, Communication and Media (IKM) of the University of Tübingen.