Current Events

Call for Papers: 10 May-14 June 2019
The workshop "Processing Tense" (B1) takes place from 14th-15th of November 2019 in Tübingen. The Call for Papers is open till 14th June 2019. More information can be found  here.

20.-24. May 2019
Mon-Thur 14-16 h, c.t., Fri 12-14 c.t., SFB, R. 3.08
Fritz Günther offers a class on data visualization in R. This class is taught in English.


Fr, 24 May 2019
The SFB 833 will take part at the Tübinger Fenster für Forschung (TÜFFF) with an interactive language quiz - (Information to TÜFFF)

Fr-Su, 31 May - 02 June 2019
Triple A 6 - Workshop for Semantic Fieldworkers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wed, 05. June 2019
12 h, c.t., Brechtbau, Wilhelmstr. 50, R. 426
Talk by Jana Kocková (invited by project C2) on the subject "Zwischen Verb und Nomen. Über ein Typ der deverbalen Substantive und deren unterschiedliche Stellung im Tschechischen und Russischen."

Thur-Fri, 13-14 June 2019
Workshop "Exhaustivity in Questions and Answers- theoretical and experimental approaches", organized by XPrag in cooperation with Nadine Bade (Xprag ObTrEx, ass. A2)

Thur, 27 June 2019
Prof. Rasha Abdel Rahman will be speaking in the SFB colloquium (link to her research)

Thur, 18 July 2019
Prof. Rosemarie Tracy will be speaking in the SFB colloquium (link to her research)

05-16 August 2019
XPrag Summer School, Berlin
(there will be courses by Uli Sauerland, Manfred Krifka and Lyn Frazier)

Mon-Tue, 7.-8. October 2019
Workshop "Information Structure and Ambiguity - The Process of Integrating Sentences into Discourse", hosted by project A7 and the GRK 1808 'Ambiguität'. For further information, follwo this link.

Thur & Fr, 10-11 October 2019
SFB-Tage 2019 in Tagungshaus Heiligkreuztal

Thur-Fri, 14-15 November 2019
Workshop Processing Tense, organized by Project B1

Thur, 16 January 2020
Prof. Judith Tonhauser will be speaking in the SFB colloquium (link to her research)

Thur, 30 January 2020
Prof. Guido Mensching will be speaking in the SFB colloquium (link to his research)

Thur-Sat, 13-15 February 2020
Linguistic Evidence 2020

Mo & Tue, 05-06 October 2020
SFB-Tage 2020