Workshop "Linguistics meets Literature - Reflections on Methodology", October 12, 2018, organized with project A1

Workshop "Linguistics meets Literature - Speech Act Operators", November 9, 2018, organized with project C1



Workshop "Linguistics meets Literature - Implicatures across Genres", November 25, 2016, organized with project A5.

Guest lecture by Dr. Frank Sode (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main): "Sentence Types in Free Indirect Speech", November 10, 2016.


Guest lecture by Dr. Christine Knoop und Stefan Blohm (Max-Planck-Institut für Empirische Ästhetik (Frankfurt a. M.)): "Überlegungen und experimentelle Resultate zu Gedicht und Reim", November 24, 2015. Abstract


Workshop "Linguistics meets Literature - Indexicals in Narrative Texts", December 5, 2014.

Workshop (in co-operation with A1) "From sentence to text and back again - Approaches to text-type-specific sentence interpretation", September 25-27, 2014.


Workshop "Dialogues Between Form and Meaning: Linguistic Methods in Literary Studies", September 01-02, 2011. Programme

Workshop "Linguistics Meets Literature - Reflections on Methodology", May 6, 2011. Programme


Guest lecture by Rajeev Patke (National University of Singapore): "Interpretability in Context: A Poem by Geoffrey Hill", December 16, 2010.

Guest lecture by Wiltrud Wagner (Humboldt University Berlin): "From Pooh to Pu: A Children's Classic from a Linguistic Point of View", Novermber 19, 2010.


Workshop "Linguistics Meets Literature - Interpreting Literary Texts", December 11, 2009. Programme