Inbuilt Dynamics

Context Dependency and Variability of Meaning

The meaning of linguistic entities features a high degree of variability and openness. In language usage, this uncertainty of meaning is dissolved by context sensitive interpretations in favour of a very little variance. Especially for the domain of sentences, it is not yet clear how this identification of specific meaning takes place. Which linguistic mechanisms are responsible for these context sensitive interpretations? How do combinatory principles of sentence meaning interact with pragmatic strategies in an evaluation of meaning?

A1 (Maienborn): Combinatory Meaning Variation at the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface
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A2 (Bauer/Beck): Interpretability in Context
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A3 (Hinrichs): Corpus-based Semantic Composition Models for Phrases
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A4 (Meurers): Comparing Meaning in Context: Generalization of Information Structure and Reference Text
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A5 (Rapp): Variable Assignment and Meaning Enrichment with Non-Finite Constructions and Other Embedded Structures
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A7 (Winkler): Focus and Extraction in Complex Constructions and Islands
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