LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

Nora Castner, M.Sc.

Research Interests

My research interests include Eye Tracking methodologies specifically eye movement patterns and scanpath analysis in the realm of expert and novice differences. Currently, I am researching dentistry students and how they visually explore radiographs. Looking into the developmental stages of gaze behavior, I can aim to develop predictive models that can be used in learning interventions. These interventions foster more systematic search behavior by receiving online gaze feedback and then guiding the student’s eye movements based on the model.

Being in the LEAD network, I can receive critical feedback regarding effective mechanisms for this learning intervention from academics who have more experience in various fields of education research. LEAD is also known for its caliber regarding empirical education research and its cooperation among many faculties and these qualities can foster the research in my PhD.

LEAD Intersection 1 & 2: Learning Processes and Outcomes & Educational Neuroscience

Supervisors: Jun. Prof. Dr. Enkelejda Kasneci, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel

Curriculum Vitae

since 10/2017 Associated PhD candidate at the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network


Research Assistant, Center for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN), University of Tübingen


MSc Cognitive Science, University of Tübingen


Mental Health Counselor/Operative, Earth House Residential Psychiatric Treatment Facility (Millstone, New Jersey, USA)


BSc Psychology & German, Lycoming College (Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA)