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Corina Weidenauer, M.Sc.

Research Interest

I successfully completed my Bachelor's and Master's degree at the UMIT (private university for health sciences, medical computer science and technology) in Austria. Even here, I specified my interest in research on the individual differences in humans with respect to the chronotype. Therefore, the topic of my two final theses (Bachelor and Master) were the individual daytime preferences of a person.

I am currently working on my dissertation on how the individual chronotype interacts with different physiological parameters. The aim is to investigate the influence of the chronotype on human physiology, as well as gender differences in this subject, and to illustrate differences in the personality structures of the different chronotypes. The future plans are to take the used and tested experimental materials again in order to be able to apply the findings to adolescents. In addition to the results so far, an insight into school performance is also expected. For this purpose, various parameters should be recorded for example different test series with attention and concentration tests. Furthermore, a check of the real school performance should be carried out.

Since LEAD is very interdisciplinary with respect to the participating core research fields and the resulting intersections I think it provides an environment that is closely related to my research interests and future research. LEAD connects various fields of research and thus creates perfect requirements for effective and far-reaching research. To be honest, I could never imagine working in research at the beginning of my academic studies. But gradually I discovered my passion for creating new knowledge and thus to make an active contribution to society. The research field “chronotype” fascinated me quickly. And since I was given the opportunity to work with Prof. Dr. Randler, the possibility to conglomerate my favorite research fields: psychology and biology fascinated me, too. Through his work and many years of experience in the school and didactic field, my combined research of chronotype and school performance is inspired.

With the help of LEAD

Intersection 1: Learning Processes and Outcomes

Intersection 5: Education, Life Course Development, and Social Disparities

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Christoph Randler, Prof. Dr. Katharina Scheiter


Curriculum Vitae

since 04/2017

PhD candidate at the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

since 08/2016

PhD candidate at the University of Tübingen

10/2014 - 07/2016

Master of psychology at the UMIT – Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Computer Science and Technology, Austria

10/2011 - 07/2014

Bachelor of psychology at the UMIT – Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Computer Science and Technology, Austria