LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

Ina Elisabeth Rüber, M.Sc.

Research Interest

In my research I dwell into the topic of lifelong learning, regarding and experiencing education and learning as substantial means to achieve personal and societal goals throughout the whole life-span. Particularly, I strive for understanding and explaining the mechanisms behind educational returns, distinguishing between different types both of learning and outcomes.

I am currently working on the project Non-monetary returns to further education: participation in civil society (NEWz), which is one out of seven projects, within the central theme non-monetary returns to education, funded by the German federal ministry of education and research. My colleagues and I aim to empirically assess whether and how further education / adult learning impacts individuals’ social, cultural and political participation as well as values and attitudes. The outcomes of our interest are multifaceted in nature and may hardly be explained by theories from only one discipline. We therewith follow an interdisciplinary approach, where LEAD provides for a great network of people.

Intersection 5: Education, Life Course Development, and Social Disparities

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Josef Schrader, tba


Curriculum Vitae

Since 10/2016 Associated doctoral candidate at LEAD Graduate School & Research Network
since 02/2016 Research fellow at the German Institute for Adult Education – Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE), Bonn, Germany
09/2014 – 07/2016 Research Master’s Social Sciences (M.Sc.), University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
09/2011 – 06/2014

B.A. Sociology, University of Mannheim, Germany


  • Rüber, I. E., Güleryüz, D., & Schrader, J. (in print). Weiterbildungsbeteiligung und die Dauer freiwilligen Engagements in Deutschland – Eine Pseudo-Panel Analyse. Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaften.
  • Rüber, I. E., Rees, S. L., & Schmidt-Hertha, B. (2018). Lifelong learning–lifelong returns? A new theoretical framework for the analysis of civic returns on adult learning. International Review of Education, 64(5), 543-5.
  • Rüber, I. E., & Bol, T. (2017). Informal Learning and Labour Market Returns. Evidence from German Panel Data. European Sociological Review, 33(6), 765-778.
  • Martin, A. & Rüber, I. E. (2016). Die Weiterbildungsbeteiligung von Geringqualifizierten im internationalen Vergleich - Eine Mehrebenenanalyse. Zeitschrift für Weiterbildungsforschung – Report, 39 (2), 149-169.


Conference Proceedings

  • Rüber, I. E. (2017). Fördert Erwachsenenbildung zivilgesellschaftliche Partizipation? Empirische Evidenz aus dem Nationalen Bildungspanel. Presentation at 5th Tagung der GEBF - Nachwuchstagung, Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Rüber, I. E., Martin, A. & Knauber, C. (2017). Learning to engage and engaging to learn – A virtuous circle?. Presentation at the International Conference on PIAAC and PIAAC-Longitudinal, Mannheim, Germany.
  • Rüber, I. E., Schrader, J. & Güleryüz, D. (2017). Weiterbildungsbeteiligung und freiwilliges Engagement in Deutschland. Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaften – Forum, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Rüber, I. E. & Bol, T. (2016). What is it worth? Economic Returns of Informal Learning – A longitudinal analysis –. Poster presentation at the 1st International NEPS User Conference, Bamberg, Germany.