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Attending the “Best” High School May Yield Benefits and Risks for Students


The plastic brain: Better connectivity of brain regions with training

Tübingen scientists have observed how fast the brain can adapt


Offering the best possible support to young teachers

Studies conducted by the Universities of Tübingen and Freiburg examine the professional development of beginning teachers


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pointer.de: Erfolgreich dank "Sekundär­tugenden"

Fleiß und Verantwortungsgefühl sind out? Die Autoren einer internationalen Studie sind da anderer...

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News4teachers.de: “Pünktlich, ehrlich, fleißig, lieb…” – Forscher: Schule muss mehr auf Sekundärtugenden achten

Welche Schulfächer sind entscheidend für den späteren Erfolg im Leben? Eine Frage, die sich so...

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DoctorsLounge (USA): Success in High School, Success Later in Life

Being a good student in high school seems to translate into a better job and higher pay down the...

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Working Mother (USA): Study Finds Responsible Behavior in High School More Important to Success Than Family Income or IQ

Having wealthy parents with a ton of resources or being so naturally smart that you ace all the...

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Tech Explorist (India): Responsible behavior in high school, life success 50 years later

A study conducted by specialists from the University of Illinois psychology, University of Houston...

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Fars News Agency (Iran): Behavior in High School Predicts Income Later

Being a responsible student, maintaining an interest in school and having good reading and writing...

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Focus online, KidsLife Magazin: „Sekundärtugenden“ machen Schüler erfolgreicher

Internationale Studie belegt den Zusammenhang zwischen dem Verhalten in der Schule, beruflichem...

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Moneyish and New York Post (USA): This is what predicts your future income

Psst, it's not your IQ. High school is going to haunt you. Your behavior in high school predicts...

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