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Attending the “Best” High School May Yield Benefits and Risks for Students


Attending the “Best” High School May Yield Benefits and Risks for Students


The plastic brain: Better connectivity of brain regions with training

Tübingen scientists have observed how fast the brain can adapt


Offering the best possible support to young teachers

Studies conducted by the Universities of Tübingen and Freiburg examine the professional development of beginning teachers


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Students learn better when sitting in the front row

University of Tübingen study in a virtual classroom shows that seat location affects learning...

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Science & Technology Research News: Solving 21st Century Problems

International team of researchers identifies the essential cognitive and social components of...

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The Economist: Education versus work

Going to university does not broaden the mind

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Die Welt: So bestimmen deine Mitschüler, wie erfolgreich du später bist

Wer mit dir im Klassenzimmer sitzt, hat Einfluss darauf, wie deine spätere Karriere aussehen wird –...

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Global News, Canada: Are there benefits to being a morning person?

Christoph Randler on the link between being an early riser and being successful

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The Educator Australia: The downside to attending a selective school

Selective schools with a higher average achievement level may negatively impact students’ long-term...

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Spiegel online: Schwache Schüler gehen in starken Klassen unter

Kinder, die von besseren Mitschülern umgeben sind, lassen sich schneller entmutigen als Schüler in...

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