LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

Hanna Granz, M.Sc.

Within my research I focus on the strains that young elite athletes are facing. For this specific population expectations are extremely high. They have to fulfill the average academic requirements while managing an extensive amount of hours of training as well as the pressure of constant competition and performance enhancement. This double burden of academic and athletic expectations can have a notable impact on adolescent athletes.

I am particularly interested in being able to identify the specific stressors and to inspect the underlying and related cognitive and motivational processes.

Being a member of the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network enriches my research by adding interdisciplinary expertise through a network of researchers from various fields of interest. In the same way, I can contribute to the diversity with my background and my research.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 10/2016
PhD candidate

LEAD Graduate School & Research Network, University of Tübingen

04/2016 - 09/2016
Interim position as teaching and research assistant

Institute of Sports Science, University of Tübingen

10/2014 - 04/2016
Master of Science, Psychology

University of Konstanz

01/2015 - 06/2016
Learning therapist

Zentrum zur Therapie der Rechenschwäche, Konstanz

10/2009 - 03/2014
Bachelor of Science (Major: Psychology, Minor: Sports Science)

University of Tübingen

10/2012 - 03/2013
Full-time internship

Oasis – Crisis and Trauma Counselling Center, Nairobi, Kenya


  • Wolf, S., Zeibig, J.-M., Giel, K., Granz, H., Sudeck, G., & Thiel, A. (2020). Sportliche Aktivität und psychische Erkrankungen. PSYCH up2date,14, 255-271. doi.org/10.1055/a-0973-1982
  • Granz, H.L., Schnell, A., Mayer, J., & Thiel, A. (2019). Risk profiles for athlete burnout in adolescent elite athletes: A classification analysis. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 41, 130-141.


  • Granz, H., Gustafsson, H., Schnell, A., & Thiel, A. (2019, July). Burnout in junior elite athletes: Approaching prevalence and determinants. Presentation at the 15th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology (FEPSAC), Münster.
  • Granz, H., Schnell, A., Mayer, J., & Thiel, A. (2018, May). Burnout-Risiko im Nachwuchsleistungssport – inwiefern sind junge Top-Athleten besonders gefährdet? [Risk of burnout in junior elite sport - are adolescent elite athletes especially vulnerable?]. Presentation at the 50th conference of the German Society for Sport Psychology (asp), Cologne.