LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

Dr. Petra Haas (née Bugl)

Research Interest

My research focus is on physical activity and its beneficial links to well-being and self-regulation. (1) In particular, I am interested in the within-person associations of physical activity and mood in young adults' everyday lives using an intensive longitudinal study. (2) Moreover, ambulatory assessments conducted in schools constitute a new methodological approach suitable for answering challenging questions in education. (3) Currently, I am tackling the question how brief physical activity interventions can improve self-regulation and executive functions in children.
Being a member of the LEAD Graduate School enriches my research by adding interdisciplinary expertise. In the same way, I can contribute to its diversity with my topics and methods.

Intersection 3: Mental Disorders, Learning and School

Project: Promoting self-regulation and executive functions in children: Evaluating the effectiveness of brief physical activity interventions



Peer-reviewed Publications


  • Haas, P., Schmid, J., Stadler, T., Reuter, M., & Gawrilow, C. (2017). Zooming into daily life: Within-person links between physical activity and affect in young adults. Psycholgy & Health, 32(5), 588-604. doi: 10.1080/08870446.2017.1291943.
  • Bugl, P., Schmid, J. & Gawrilow, C. (2015). Ambulantes Assessment in der Schule: Den schulischen Alltag erfahrbar machen [Ambulatory assessment in school: Discovering daily school life]. Lernen und Lernstörungen, 4, 261–268. doi:10.1024/2235-0977/a000115

Conference Proceedings

  • Haas, P., Schmid, J., Kelava, A., Sudeck, G., & Gawrilow, C. (2016). Promoting self-regulation and executive functions in children: Evaluating the effectiveness of brief physical activity interventions. Poster award for presentation at the 30th conference of the European Society of Health Psychology (EHPS/DHP), Aberdeen, United Kingdom. www.ehps.net/content/promoting-self-regulation-and-executive-functions-children-evaluating-effectiveness-brief
  • Bugl, P., Schmid, J., Gawrilow, C., & Stadler, G. (2015). Short-term developments within persons – mood and physical activity in an intensive longitudinal design. Talk at the 22nd biannual meeting of the Developmental Psychology section of the German Association of Psychology (EPSY), Frankfurt a. M., Germany.
  • Bugl, P., Schmid, J., Stadler, G., & Gawrilow, C. (2015). Elucidating the within-person associations of mood and physical activity – an intensive longitudinal study in daily life. Poster presented at the 6th international conference on emotions, well-being and health (EMOTIONS) by the Center of Research on Psychology in Somatic diseases (CoRPS), Tilburg, Netherlands.