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Fabian Ruth, M.A.

Research Interest

I am interested in methods of improving learning as well as teaching and how to impart knowledge to an audience. Combining the two fields of Rhetoric and Education my research focuses on the presentation competence of students within the project "Jugend präsentiert" ("Youth presents") funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation. "Jugend präsentiert," which is designed as a competition, supports and trains not only students to improve their presentation skills, but also helps instructors to better teach these skills. To evaluate the project I intend to develop appropriate instruments to measure the presentation skills in both students and teachers during the course of the project.

LEAD gives me the opportunity to get in contact with interdisciplinary perspectives. In addition, the expertise of LEAD widens my empirical and methodological knowledge and enables me to conduct state-of-the-art and high-quality research.

LEAD Supervisor

Curriculum Vitae

Since 04/2014 Associated PhD student at the LEAD Graduate School
Since 02/2013 Doctoral Student at the department of rhetoric within the project "Youth presents," University of Tübingen
2010-2013 Study of rhetoric, University of Tübingen (M.A.)
Since 2007 Study of education at "Fernuniversität Hagen" (distance learning institute) (B.A.)

Study of rhetoric and catholic theology, University of Tübingen (B.A.)