LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

Jakob Schwerter, M.Sc.

Research Interest

My research interest lies in the field of education economics, i.e., if and in which way the education of individulas affects socio-economic outcomes (such as labor market outcomes, job satisfaction, etc.) later on in life. The general field of education economics is well set in intersection 5. Given the interest in socio-economic outcomes, I am happy to have a network which also includes sociologists, for example, to look at certain points from a different perspective.

I am also very interested in improving teaching at university level, e.g., by introducing e-learning elements. For this question, I can benefit from the interdisciplinary structure of LEAD.

Curriculum Vitae

since 10/2017 Associated PhD candidate at the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

since 10/2016

Econometric Analysis of Topics in Education Economics (Ph.D.), University of Tübingen, Germany

09/2015 – 08/2016

Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (M.S.), University Tilburg, Netherlands

Thesis: Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection and Young Adults' Labor Outcomes

10/2014 – 09/2015

Social and Economic Data Analysis (M. Sc.), University of Konstanz, Germany

09/2011 – 08/2014

Economics (B.Sc.), University of Mannheim, Germany
Thesis: The Effect of Mayoral Elections on the Crime Rate