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LEAD at the "Tübinger Fenster für Forschung"

PhD students present virtual classroom

The LEAD PhD students Friederike Blume and Justin Hudak will present their virtual classroom at this year's "Tübinger Fenster für Forschung" (TÜFFF) on Friday, May 8, 2015. They will also explain how and why they will integrate the classroom in their biofeedback study.

One goal of the study is to determine whether it is possible to improve school performance of children with ADHD by so-called neurofeedback training. These trainings have the goal to convey deficient self-regulation skills associated with ADHD. Unlike previous bio- and neurofeedback studies, Friederike Blume and Justin Hudak have the training program take place directly in a "real-life" situation, their virtual classroom. In this way, they want to simplify the transfer of the skills acquired during the training into the real world.

Other contributions to the TÜFFF by LEAD members include demonstrations of a portable fNIRS brain imagaing device (Hans-Christoph Nürk, Thomas Dresler & Christina Artemenko), research on language comprehension (Barbara Kaup) and different tablet applications such as a digital chemistry book or a multimedia guide to an art exhibition (Peter Gerjets).

Friday, May 8, 2015, 15-21 hrs
Hörsaalzentrum der Naturwissenschaften (Auf der Morgenstelle 16 / Haltestelle BG Unfallklinik)