What are the formats?

You can find information on business start-up courses offered by the University of Tübingen. We distinguish between

  • basic courses and
  • accelerator programs.

The basic courses are usually during semester and provide an introduction to relevant topics. Depending on the phase your startup project is in, you may find various courses useful.

The University of Tübingen currently has two accelerator programs, in which concrete start-up projects can be realized. Individuals or groups may apply.

Who can take part?

All courses are open to students, doctoral candidates, academics and employees at the University of Tübingen and the University Hospitals. Members of non-university research institutions and interfaculty centers in Tübingen are also welcome.

Can one get a certificate of attendance?

ECTS credit points may be given for the basic classes; attendance certificates may be issued for the accelerator programs.



Basic courses in summer semester:

Basic courses in winter semester:

Register for a basic course via the "Studium Professionale“ course guide.

Accelerator programs:

Register via the link listed with the course description.