Quantitative Biology Center

QBiC – About us

The flood of data in the life sciences is almost unmanageable. In Tübingen, scientists have been relying on the services of the Center for Quantitative Biology (QBiC) for several years. The institute, which was set up with funds from the Excellence Initiative and the German Research Foundation (DFG), helps scientists to plan experiments and evaluate them more effectively. At QBiC, the big data comes from the so-called high-throughput technologies of the campus. These are then expanded via interfaces through publicly available data.

QBiC bundles the know-how of a total of ten facilities in Tübingen, which have excellent equipment and expertise in biomedical analysis as well as in bioinformatics. As a core facility, the center makes its services available to all faculties and research institutions at the Tübingen location and far beyond. The focus is on high-throughput technologies and bioinformatics.


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