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Data Generation Cost Model - Individual Prices

Most of the core facility projects address very individual scientific problems. Therefore, every project will receive a dedicated quotation which outlines the details of all work packages as well as fixed cost estimates.

Bioinformatics Analysis Cost Model

The costs for basic processing of high throughput data is calculated based on the number of samples that are analysed within a project. The costs per sample drop rapidly, if more samples are included into the experiment. An approximation of the prices per sample for bioinformatics analyses is shown in the following figure:

Bioinformatics data processing and analysis

A bioinformatics part of an omics projects typically consists of 3 major steps:

  1. The raw data processing step typically leads to data matrices (e.g., raw counts / annotated VCF / protein expresssion tables). Pricing depends on the number of samples as shown in the figures; analysis step included in initial offer)

  2. The processed data is subject to statistical assessment, e.g. group comparisons for count data. As part of this step the following metrics and analyses can be computed: statistical significance (e.g., p-values or similar measures), heatmaps, principal component analysis (PCA), differential gene/protein expression (e.g., fold change or SNP comparisons). Pricing depends on the number of samples as shown in the figures, analysis step included in initial offer.

  3. Finally, downstream analysis (e.g., pathway enrichment, gene set enrichment, etc.) -> until very individual
    (pricing available on request, analysis step not included in initial offer)

Note that the initial offer will only include the costs for the first two bioinformatics analysis steps! If these work packages do not satisfy your needs to the full end, you can come back to us and we will create a downstream analysis package specifically designed for your scientific questions.

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NGS: Next Generation Sequencing

PX : Proteomics

MX : Metabolomics

WES : Whole Exome Sequencing

WGS : Whole Genome Sequencing

All the prices mentioned above only apply to members of the University of Tübingen. External academic customers will have to expect ~1.3x the original price. External profitable organisations will have to expect ~2.0x the original price.