Internal Quality Assurance

Internal quality assurance is absolutely essential for a qualification program that is geared toward a specific audience and is designed to meet high standards. We take a number of aspects into account in planning our qualification programs and developing them further.

1. The programs are designed with the intended target group in mind

Participation in the Graduate Academy’s qualification programs is voluntary for the target groups. Sufficient demand, utilization, and waiting lists are important factors for designing the programs. Both of the qualification programs are currently still in the implementation phase.

2. All courses are evaluated

Each course is evaluated individually. The overall evaluation is discussed with the trainers in anonymous form. Strategies for improvement are developed in the case of critical results.

3. The programs are adapted regularly to reflect the participants’ needs

The participants of each course are asked on the evaluation form what additional transdisciplinary skills they would be interested in acquiring. The program is adapted to include the topics named most often.

4. The trainers are selected in accordance with stringent criteria

Expertise and practical experience

Our trainers are experts in the topics dealt with in their courses. Some of them are also familiar with working at the university from their own experience as researchers.

Experience with the target group

Another criterion is extensive experience working with doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers.

Practical relevance and teaching competence

We want to offer courses that are designed to get the participants involved and cater to their needs. The participants should be familiarized with practical methods and strategies they can also use alone at their desk after the workshop. That requires expert knowledge of teaching and learning.

Internal experts

The university is a knowledge organization. Courses are also taught by experts from various areas of our university, including both researchers and administrative employees.

Would you like to learn more about our trainers?

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