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Here you will find target group-specific information on topics related to academic life after graduation. We inform you about good scientific practice, financing and support, career opportunities within and outside academia.

Interested in doing a PhD
Doctoral Candidates
International Researchers
Junior research group leaders
Assistant professors

International Researchers

International researchers form an important part of the University of Tübingen academic community. In the information platform you will find an overview of important topics related to research activities as well as references to other institutions and centers at the University of Tübingen.

Doctoral candidates and those interested in doing a PhD

A doctoral project is an independent contribution to the chosen research area. It is designed to last several years and offers a variety of challenges. Doctoral theses may be part of a research project or structured doctoral program or they may be carried out as an individual doctorate. If you are interested, we  recommend that you first get information on the topics of finding a supervisor, identifying a topic and financing. Even if you have already started your doctoral project, you will receive valuable information on topics such as good scientific practice and career orientation.

Postdocs, Assistant professors & Junior research group leaders

With your doctorate you have reached an important milestone in your academic life. However, you are now once again faced with important decisions in your professional career. If you decide to pursue an academic career towards a university professorship, the doctorate is usually followed by the postdoctoral phase. In this phase, you can choose different paths for your later academic career. Most academic positions at universities and non-university research institutions are temporary, either as a qualification position (e.g. habilitation or junior professorship) or as a project position (e.g. in a third-party funded project or as a junior research group leader).

Your contact persons

Doctoral candidates and those interested in Doing a PhD

Dr. Martina Bross

Program Coordinator Graduate Academy

+49 7071 29-76464

m.brossspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Postdocs, Assistant professors and Junior research group leaders

Dr. Britta Hoyer 

Program Coordinator Graduate Academy (Postdocs, Junior research group leaders and Assistant professors)

+49 7071 29-75394