Collaborative Research Centers – Information and Advice

Proposals for Collaborative Research Centers must:

The maximum duration of a Collaborative Research Center is 12 years in up to three application phases, each with a duration of four years.

Sub-projects and coordination projects may be applied for.

The funding volume is approximately EUR 1.8 to 2.5 million per year.

Application process and deadline:

The application process has two stages. Applicants must first submit a draft proposal with a maximum of 100 pages. The preliminary decision will be made in the DFG Senate after a consultation with the DFG (Bonn). The full proposal must be submitted when requested which involves a site visit before the final decision is made.

Draft proposals can be submitted at any time. Note that the DFG Senate meetings take place in May and November and that draft proposals must be submitted to the DFG in advance. Applicants should therefore coordinate scheduling with the DFG Head Office.

Advice on preparing proposals:

Applicants preparing proposals for Collaborative Research Centers should consult the following offices in good time:

Funding for applications:

For the preparation of a draft proposal and for the preparation of a university application, intramural seed funding can be applied for from MWK funds. Further information can be obtained from the Research Funding section.

Please also refer to other documents and information material relevant to all research funding at the university (equal opportunity, promotion of young researchers, etc.).