Further sources of information on funding

On this page you will find further important resources and sources of information on funding for research projects.


AiD - KoWi Active Information Service (European Liaison Office of the German Research Organizations)

Interest-specific information on European and, to a limited extent, national and international research and development funding by e-mail newsletter.

DAAD funding database

Current DAAD programs and ongoing DAAD project funding programs.

ELFI– Electronic Research Funding Information

Comprehensive database for calls for proposals and funding opportunities

Customizable search

Access licensed at the University of Tübingen, individual registration is recommended.


Federal funding advice – research and innovation

First point of contact for questions on federal research and innovation funding, funding programs and current funding priorities and initiatives. Information on funding opportunities in the federal states and the EU.

Funding database of the federal government

The online funding database of the federal government contains current information on funding programs of the federal government, states and the European Union.

GEPRIS: Projects funded by the DFG

Database of current and completed DFG-funded projects. Provides information about the content and research objective of a project as well as listing the researchers and institutions involved in a project.


Foundation search – Search for foundations and service providers for foundations

The Association of German Foundations database of foundations in Germany.

Foundations A-Z

Database search for funding opportunities of the 650 foundations managed by the DSZ which mostly promote research.